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Before I get to this post today, I would just like to pause for a moment…


…and reflect.

Hi everyone, I am Hani from Craftionary. When Kelly asked me to contribute to the back-to-school series, I was so excited. 🙂 I love to make things to organize and beautify my home. It gives a homey and personal feeling, on my blog I share DIY ideas that are budget and kids friendly and easy to make for everyone with common craft supplies. I have a page, listing all my tutorials, if you want to check it out.
I also recently did a Easy Wall Decor Series which I managed to end this week and I will be revealing my wall this Thursday, which is pretty much a look forward moment for me!
Today, I am going to share the most quickest and easiest organizing system ideal for those tiniest things we have around, this can also serve as a great system for teaching kids to sort out and organize their school supplies or may be they can use it as an activity box.
 To Make This, You will need:
  • Plastic lid boxes
  • Frame
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scrap paper
This is like a 10 minute project. All you have to do is add scrap paper in the frame to give in a contrasting background and stick the plastic boxes and lids on the glass using double-sided tape or if you like a permanent job done, you can glue them.

And that’s all. Your done!
You can also glue all boxes and have lids to cover them up and label the lids for an even more functional system. It can also be used as an imagination boosting tray with tasks to use different material into a project. I would love to have you follow me on Pinterest and Facebook where I share inspirations and ~~~I also WELCOME you to:subscribe to Craftionaryand stay in touch with me!~~~ Thanks for having me Kelly. It was so much fun guest posting here.

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