Blackberry Cream Popsicles

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It’s about time for another sweet treat, wouldn’t you say? Last time I showed you how to make Root Beer Float Popsicles. How about some Blackberry Cream Popsicles to enjoy in this sweltering summer heat?

Blackberry Cream Popsicles
You only need 3 ingredients for these Popsicles…blackberries, vanilla yogurt and sugar.

We picked our blackberries at a local farm which made this an extra special treat. I love using local ingredients and the kids loved picking them. 

Blend the berries and the yogurt together in a blender/food processor. I didn’t use exact amounts but I have a small food processor and filled it about 3/4 blackberries and 1/4 yogurt. After blending, add sugar a little at a time until it is sweet enough for your taste.

Place mixture into Dixie Cups and cover with plastic wrap. Cut a slit in the plastic wrap and insert a Popsicle stick. Freeze for 24 hours.


What flavors of Popsicles have you made this summer?

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