Summer Fun Camp: Handprint Crab

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Inside: This handprint crab craft is the perfect summer DIY!


Hello, again campers! I’m back with another post for Summer Fun Camp 2013. This week is Beach Week and I have the cutest handprint crab craft!

Summer crafts

Going to the beach is such a fun time for our family. The kids love playing on the sand and surf and love to explore all the sea life. “Mom…come quick! Look at this crab! Oh wow, look at this seashell! Come see this jellyfish!” Ok kids..please back away from the jellyfish.

Today for our craft, we are making a Handprint Crab.


handprint crab



You will need:
White paper or card stock
Red tempera paint
Googly eyes
Sand and seashells (optional)

First, start by painting your child’s hands with the red paint. Have them place their hands on the paper at the top. 

handprint crab craft

Now turn your paper so the handprints are at the bottom. Glue some google eyes to the top of the crab. Create your crab’s habitat by gluing sand to the bottom. I find the sand looks better if you use a glue stick instead of the bottled glue. 

DIY handprint crab


You can also glue some seashells into the sand if you like.

Finish off your creation by having your child color the background and add any other sea creatures they want to keep the handprint crab company.  

DIY handprint crafts

I’m not sure what the bright yellow is supposed to be. Seaweed maybe? I love handprint art because it is such a great record of how your children grow.



To see another one of our handprint projects, check out our Handprint and Footprint Lobster.

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summer reading

This week you can register to win a free copy of the book, My Mom Snaps, along with a notepad from Pretty Girl Designs. And make sure to leave me a comment letting me know what fun handprint craft you make this week! Maybe you can make a handprint lobster to go along with your handprint crab!

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