Blogging Tips: Customize your Favicon

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The blog was a bit sparse last week thanks to a nasty cold that decided to descend upon my house and park itself here for about five days.  Now that I am feeling back to normal, the blog will get back to normal.  

I have made many changes to my blog since I started it.  I’m always tweaking it and changing things around.  I have spent many hours on Google to figure it all out. Most of these changes are fairly simple and some require a small amount of knowledge of html.  In order to share the knowledge that I have gained (and hopefully help some of you out), I have decided to start a series on blogging tips. Every Monday, I will focus on a different tip. Last week I did a post on how to change your settings so you are not a “no-replycomment” blogger. Today, I will be teaching you how to customize your favicon.

Here Comes the Sun: How to customize your favicon


What is a favicon and why is it useful? See that little square box that is next to your blog name?
Here Comes the Sun: How to customize your favicon
That is your favicon. If it is not customized, it shows up as the generic blogger symbol.  By customizing it, you are adding to the branding of your blog. You can customize it in a few easy steps.
Go to your blog’s layout page.
In the upper left, there is the Favicon gadget.  Click on “edit”
Here Comes the Sun: How to customize your favicon
Select “Choose File”.  You will probably want to choose your blog button file.
Here Comes the Sun: How to customize your favicon
Click “save” and you are done! is that easy!
I hope you’ll join me every Monday for more tips in my series!

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  1. Okay, so I’ve been blogging for almost a year, and I’ve been wondering how to create my own favicon though I didn’t even realize what it was called. THANK YOU for this tutorial! I love learning new tips, so I’m enjoying your series.

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