Blogging Tips: Prevent Your Photos from Being Pinned

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I know what you are probably asking. If you are a blogger, WHY would you NOT want your photos to be pinnable?  I don’t mind if most of my project photos are pinned.  I encourage pinning of any of my project photos. However, I have limited the number of photos of my kids on the blog because I’m not very fond of these getting plastered all over Pinterest. With this quick fix, I can now add as many photos of my kids as I please and not have to worry.
Here Comes the Sun: How to Prevent Your Photos from Being Pinned on Pinterest


To Prevent an Your Photos from being Pinned to Pinterest

Add this bit of code into the html of the image that you don’t want pinned:    no pin =”no-pin”.  You will need to add it right before the closing bracket of your image like so:     no pin =”no-pin”/>
In WordPress, you can do this by clicking the “text” tab while in the editor. Then scroll to where your image html is and add this code.
After adding this code, your image will not pop up as an option to pin when a reader hits the “pin it” button. And while we’re on the topic of pinning, please always pin from the original source so correct credit is given.
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  1. Thanks for the tips! Btw, I really needed that tutorial on how to add a pin it button at the end of every post 🙂 I really apreciate it!

  2. Great info…I, too, hesitate to included photos of my hooligans, but now I can share their cuteness without worrying!

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