Button Wreath Ornament

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If you missed my post at Blissful and Domestic last week, I’m sharing it here with you today. We’ve been making a lot of ornaments in our house this holiday season.  This one is perfect for the little ones in your life.


Red and green buttons in a variety of sizes
Floral wire
Red felt
Glue gun

Cut your floral wire into a length that will make a circle paproximately 2 inches in diameter.

Make a loop at one end of the floral wire (this is so the buttons will not fall off while you thread them)

Thread the buttons onto the wire.  My kids had a blast doing this.  My daughter just HAD to have hers in a red, green, red, green pattern. She is VERY into patterns these days.  My son just put them on every which way!

Leave a bit of wire at the end and twist the two ends together to form a circle.

Wrap a piece of red felt around the wire and adhere the ends together with glue.  You could use ribbon for this step too.  I went looking for red ribbon and didn’t have any in my stash so I used red felt leftover from my felt ribbon candy.  I think the felt gives it a more luxurious look than ribbon would.

Hang your ornament on the tree front and center.

What types of ornaments are you making for your tree?

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