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Today I want to introduce you to Jocie from OPC The Better Half.   I’m so excited that she is guest posting here today!

If you haven’t heard of us over at One Project Closer, we’re two couples and best friends who share, not just about our everyday DIY adventures, but also follow pro contractors to provide our readers with the best and most detailed how-to guides out there. One Project Closer is geared towards the hard-core home improvement folks, providing great info on stuff like laying your own hard wood floors, building a deck, and repairing cracked concrete. While OPC has been around for 5 years now, we created The Better Half about 6 month ago. The Better Half is just like it sounds – better! lol. I (Jocie) write about crafts, decor, and DIY, and occasionally show off cute pix of my two daughters. Kim, the other Better Half, works 24/7 to provide up-date Home Depot discounts and Lowe’s promotions! We also have a weekly link party, every Friday called The Humble Brag. The best part…we give away free ad space every week and sometimes other cool prizes too. Here’s my fam – Jocie (me), Lucy, Izzie, and Ethan (the hubs).

 Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

I love Christmas and I love doing it DIY style. Most of my decorations are hand-me-downs from my mom and grandmother that they have cycled in and out throughout the years. Over the last 6 years of marriage I have added a few of my own and this year, I made a bunch of my own. My favorite (and most popular) project thus far is my Plastic Spoon Christmas tree that I made for under $5! Feel free to check out the full tutorial for this and 3 other Dollar Store trees.


Cardboard tree form
120 plastic spoons
Hot Glue
Spray Paint

I bought a two packages of plastic spoons from Target, which wasn’t nearly enough. I ended up going back for more, needing a total of 118 spoons. If making a smaller tree, I could have cut this number down, but either way, next time I will buy more than I think I need!

Once home from my Target trip, having bought way more than just the spoons, I cut the heads off all the spoons. My kitchen shears, with the little notch in them, worked really well to keep the spoons from sliding while I was cutting them. I’m sure my hubby would have opted to use something with more power. lol.

I then grabbed some spray paint I already had lying around and sprayed all the spoons, both sides. Fortunately, when I sprayed these, it was warm outside and perfect for standing outside and working. Now the temps have dropped, I will most likely need to do the spray painting inside since spray paint freezes quickly (sometimes before hitting the target). Learned that the hard way!

I found a bunch of CHEAP cardboard Christmas tree forms at Michael’s for $0.49 each (on sale). I used the taller one for the tree – about 10 inches.  A reader suggested making your own by cutting a cardboard circle in half – I may try that next time. While the spoons were drying, I sprayed the paper tree also, in case some shows through. Once the tree and spoons were dry, I began at the bottom of the tree and started gluing the spoons in rings, working in circles around the tree.

At the top, I glued the three spoons together tightly, careful not to burn my fingers (again).

Done and Fabulous!
What a super cute and fairly quick project. Here is the final product along with some of my other Dollar Store trees!

For more fun projects and crafts, visit Jocie at The Better Half! You can also connect with her on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Hope to see you soon!


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