Christmas Card Display

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The Christmas cards are starting to arrive and I really wanted a unique way to display them this year. I created this Christmas Card Display out of an old crib spring.

Use an old crib spring for a Christmas card display. Genius!

My little boy outgrew his crib a long time ago but I have saved pieces of it hoping to be able to reuse them somehow. I always pictured using the crib spring on the wall in my craft room. But wait… Oh yes, that’s right. I don’t have a craft room. So up on the wall it went as a Christmas Card Display. We hung it with some simple hooks.


I added some color with my felt rosette wreath.


To hang the cards, I used these mini green clothespins.


And when Christmas is over, I’m leaving it up and using it as a memo board. It is right by the front door so it is going to be perfect for all those papers that I need while running out the door in the morning!

Use an old crib spring for a Christmas card display. Genius!

So dig that old crib out of the attic and you have a unique (and FREE) Christmas card display!

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