Hand Lettered Christmas Pajamas Gift Tags

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Give your Christmas pajamas gift a fun touch with a hand lettered Christmas pajamas gift tag. This fun tag is available in 3 different designs/colors.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is giving the kids pajamas to open on Christmas Eve. They know exactly what they are getting when I hand them that box and there are sometimes groans of “pajamas again?”.  And I think to myself “Yes, yes you are getting pajamas again. Now go upstairs and put them on”. Last year I even got my daughter to wear matching pajamas with me. My husband has yet to partake in the Christmas pajama-wearing festivities but I can hope, right? If you give holiday pajamas, I’ve got a great Christmas pajamas gift tag for you today.

christmas pajamas gift tags

I’m going to be honest with you… Christmas is about the only time during the year when my kids actually wear real pajamas. Usually they just sleep in their clothes. No matter how much I try, I just can’t get them to put on pajamas as bedtime. I have no idea why. My favorite thing to do is put on some comfy jammies and lounge around. My kids seriously don’t know what they are missing.

Sometimes pajamas and clothes can be boring gifts for kids. So why not dress them up a bit with a sparkly ribbon and a Christmas pajamas gift tag? You can either tie this around the pajamas like I did or you can tie it around the outside of the box to hint at what’s inside. Just print out the tag on heavy cardstock, punch a hole in the top and thread some pretty ribbon through. 

christmas pajamas gift tags


The tags comes in red, green and gold glitter and have been added to the resource library, available to my email subscribers.


christmas pajamas gift tags


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