DIY Bike Rack from a Crib Rail!

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Springtime is coming! Right now it might not seem like it but warmer weather is on its way! And with the warmer weather comes Spring cleaning and organizing. One area of our house that gets so messy and unorganized is our garage. We organized it a bit last year and this year we tackled the bike storage by building a DIY bike rack by using an old crib rail.

DIY Bike Rack made from a crib rail!

Everything that we used for this project came straight out of our garage. If you have young kids, you probably have an old crib laying around. And did you know that the width between the slats fits a bike wheel perfectly? Neither did I until we saved it from the abyss known as our “let’s save it until later because we may be able to use it” pile.

For this project, you will need:
Crib rail
4 Eye hooks
3 pieces of wood (the 2 shorter ones are approximately 10.5″ long. The long piece depends on the length of the crib rail)


First, screw the smaller pieces of wood to the crib rail as shown below.  Make sure to drill a pilot hole first and attach one piece of wood to each end of the crib rail.




Next, screw the longer pieces of wood to the shorter pieces as shown below.


Screw one eyehook into the base and one into the crib rail. Do the same at the other end of the bike rack. Thread the para cord through the eyehooks and secure with a knot.

DIY Bike Rack made from a crib rail!

If you feel the need to paint it, feel free but I didn’t bother. I figure it’s just going to get all dinged up with the bikes so no need to paint it. We love how this bike rack turned out. And it only took about a half hour to make with supplies that we already had!

DIY Bike Rack made from a crib rail!

What do you think?  To see how we organized the rest of our garage, be sure to read Garage Organization 101

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  1. So awesome! I’d been thinking a crib rail would be perfect bike storage. Just finishing 2 of these now. I decided to glue then screw with braces, it makes it sturdier and easier to assemble. What is the purpose of the paracord? Is it intended to anchor against the force of the bikes pushing the crib rail backward?

  2. How exactly did you attach the long piece of wood to the short ones? I don’t see the screw holes in the photos.

    1. Hi Agatha,
      You can either screw them in at an angle or use a Kreg jig to create pocket holes on the underside of the boards.

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