DIY Decorative Orbs

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If you missed my guest post yesterday at Blissful and Domestic, here is the tutorial that I shared. These are my decorative orbs that I recently made to complete my Valentine mantel.

I love all the different orbs that are for sale in the store but they can get pricey. I wanted some that I could use for my holiday decor, specifically Valentine’s Day so I decided to make my own. They are super easy.  All you need is a styrofoam ball, a glue gun, ribbon and scissors.  I had all these supplies on hand which is always nice.

Start by attaching the ribbon to the styrofoam ball using hot glue. Glue the ribbon once all the way around the ball.


When you get back to the top, fold your ribbon over and repeat the process going around the other side of the ball.  You should now have two circles of ribbon that cross each other at a 90 degree angle at the top and bottom of the ball.



Continue to fold your ribbon and wrap around the ball until none of the styrofoam is showing.  



Glue the end of the ribbon in place on the top of the ball and you are done!
I have them displayed in a tall cylindrical vase but you could also put them in a bowl on a table for a centerpiece. I think they look great and you can customize them to any season or holiday.


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