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Hi! I’m Barb Camp from Second Chance to Dream. I want to say Thank You to Kelly for having me here today for her Back to School Series. A little about me, I’m a wife of 34 years, a mom to 6 kids ages 33-13, 3 married and 3 still at home. I have 3 grandchildren.  I’m a life coach who wants to encourage women to live their dreams and passions and help them to grow creatively as well as spiritually. Stop on over and check out my blog.

I’m sharing ideas on how to make your own locker accessories. I have twin 13 year old boys who are in 8th grade.  Now much to my disappointment, my boys don’t really care about locker accessories. My granddaughters sure do though and I thought it would be fun to make some things for their lockers.The first thing I did was take a trip to the dollar store and I found a few things I could alter and make fun.  I found a dry erase board and some  magnetic pencil holders.  They are pretty boring.  I found some smash tape at JoAnn’s and knew I could use it to add some life to the message boards.

Smash tape

Here is the message boards with the tape added and I think it’s much cuter, if I say so myself.  

Addy saw a couple flowers that I had laying around and she NEEDED one on her board.  She loves her bling! 

I then took the pencil holders and added vinyl princess crowns and their names. And I saw these nifty water bottles with crowns and names at Measured by the Heart and knew I needed to do those for the girls as well.  I know they are technically not locker decor, but it’s a fun, inexpensive way to add style to a plain water bottle. An added bonus is they can’t mix it up with anyone else.

I found these chipboard stickers and thought they would be perfect to add a magnet to them. You can hang notes or reminders from them.  
Aren’t they fun??
I still wanted to make my boys some locker decor. My boys are huge sports fans so I wanted to incorporate a sports theme.  I found these Michigan stickers at Micheal’s and I knew immediately what I would do with them.

I had bought these pencil holders at the dollar store when I bought the girls.  I added stickers to the holder.  Pretty simple, but fun!

I also got out some cloths pins  and bottle caps and I added stickers to them and then hot glued magnets to them.  I had a couple of license plates from my scrapbook stash and added magnets to them.  The sky is the limit when it comes to making magnets.  Let your mind go!

My boys are required to have a zip drive and headphones at school. Last year they both lost theirs.    I needed to come up with a solution.  I bought some Altoids just for the tins.  I covered the top with a piece of vinyl, added the smash tape and glued magnets to the back.  The Altoid tin conveniently holds the zip drive and the headphones.  With the magnets they can place iton the locker door and hopefully always know where they are.  

(Note:  I made these before I found the Michigan stickers.  I would’ve redone them but ran out of time. )

I love motivational quotes and decided to use old CD’s and put motivational quotes on them and add a magnet to hopefully provide a little motivation.  I found a neat website called Morgue File and you can download images that you can use for free.  I also found a site called New cyberian where they teach you to create a CD label in Photoshop.  So, I picked my quotes  by doing a search in Google and I found some images on Morgue File and created a CD label. I printed them out, cut them out and modge podged them onto the CD.  Once dry I hot glued a magnet onto the CD’s.

I also saw a site that made photo frames out of the old CD’s. You added scrapbook paper to the CD and then cut a photo and put in the middle of the CD and then hung in your locker.  My boys were not interested in placing that in their locker.  So we just stuck with motivational quotes.

I have to tell you my boys took everything I made to school and put up in their locker. 🙂
I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to use everyday things and turn them into locker accessories.  

Thanks so much Kelly for allowing me to contribute to your great series.  
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  1. oh how fun are they! i have 2 boys close in age to your twins, they aren’t into letting me do things for school either 🙂

  2. I really don’t like those at all, sry but whenever I slammed my locker door shut they slid down and I also has no room for other stuff so I am sry but I had 2 thro them out and I hated it but I don’t like these they don’t work. Nice try tho!!

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