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Hello.  I’m Rhiannon.  I’m the “mind” behind a little blog called “Being Mom{me}“.  I am a do it yourself-er, sewer, crafter, and mother of four with a passion to create things {on a budget}.  I would love for you to stop by my blog to visit.  You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  
First…Thank you, Kelly, for the opportunity to do this guest post!
I am so excited and honored {and a bit giddy} to be a part of the Back to School Series!  I’ve always loved the “excitement” and preparation of “back to school”.
I love notebooks {and journals}…particularly cute ones {not the basic boring mead ones}.  I always have. Good looking notebooks make writing more fun, right?   

I remember going “back to school” supply shopping and always wanting the “cutesy” notebooks and folders, but my mom always made me get the “boring” primary colored ones for each subject that were on the suggested supply list {probably because they were less expensive and I had siblings she needed to buy for too}.  I always ended up decorating my “boring” notebooks on my own.

Now as a mom, I find myself shopping at Target {eyeing the $5 journals} and having my kids want the “pretty” notebooks…and saying “no” just as my mom once told me. 

The other day while I was at Target I saw some really cute notebooks and journals…and thought about buying some one. But it was around $5…for a small notebook with an uber cute cover but simply lined pages on the inside {really nothing special}. Plus…I had just said “no” to my kids.
At that moment I thought to myself {1} “that price is ridiculous. you should spend that money on something better like a mocha frappe and {2} “the kids and I could totally make our own”.

So that’s just what we did…and here’s how…
Grab your supplies…generic notebooks, Mod Podge, some brown paper bags, card stock, scrapbook paper, stickers, what ever you can dream up to use to make your notebook “fun”.

To make these, start with a basic composition book or spiral bound notebook…

Next, take a piece of brown paper bag, card stock, or whatever paper you want to use as the base of your notebook {I’ve even used wrapping paper}.

Apply a coat of mod podge to the entire front cover of your notebook.

*I like to keep messes minimal, so this momma keeps control of the Mod Podge…I’m not quite ready to let the kids apply it all over.

Gently lay your paper over top and smooth out any “bubbles”. Trim excess paper around your cover {repeat for the back cover as well}.

I decided not to cover the binding, but it would be easy enough to mod podge over as well.

Glue or mod podge any designs, stickers or other paper pieces onto your cover. Get creative…have fun with it…let the kids make it their own…

For this “design”, I cut irregular strips of my scrapbook paper and mod podged them onto the brown paper cover.

Once you’re done designing and embellishing your notebook, add a layer of mod podge over top of everything, let dry, and you’re done!

This would also be a great way to “jazz” up the covers {book protectors} required for textbooks too!

I would love for you to share your “customized” notebooks with me!

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