DIY Rolling Storage Crate

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Over the past few years, I have been working on my son’s airplane themed room. It started out as a nursery and has been transformed into his big boy room (sniff sniff).  When looking for storage solutions for his books, the bookshelf that we made him was not able to hold all his books so I created this Rolling Storage Crate to coordinate with his room and gain the extra storage he needed for his massive book collection.

Create extra storage with this DIY Rolling Storage Crate tutorial!

I bought a plain wooden storage crate from Michaels.  You can make your own if you want to. I thought about going true DIY and building my own but then I saw this one at and decided that 40% off 13.99 was just too good to pass up.

I knew that I wanted it to roll so I snagged some wheels from my daughter’s old art desk. We were getting rid of her desk anyway due to her new closet organization and the wheels were a perfect size for the crate. SCORE!  The only downside was that with the wheels on the crate, it did not fit under the bed like I had originally hoped. So the crate  sits at the end of his bed.

DIY Rolling Storage Crate - easy tutorial!

To make the crate tie in with his airplane room, I stenciled some city names onto the crate.  I used this amazing stencil from DecoArt.

DIY Rolling Storage Crate - easy tutorial!

It worked perfect and the city names were just the right size to fit onto the planks.  I mixed some black and gray paint together but I think it would look great too with some antique style paint to make the crate look old. When you stencil, make sure to wipe the excess paint off of your brush and onto a paper towel before you stencil. This will ensure that the paint does not seep under the stencil. You can see in the picture below that some of the paint got onto the back of my stencil and then onto the crate (just left of the word “London”).  I was okay with it for this project because I was going for a distressed type of look but if you want nice crisp lines, this would not be good.

Create extra storage with this DIY Rolling Storage Crate tutorial!

His room is almost done and I am so excited. I have been working on it for over a year and maybe he will get to enjoy before he gets too big.

DIY Rolling Storage Crate - easy tutorial!

Create extra storage with this DIY Rolling Storage Crate tutorial!

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