Snowflake Ornament

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Trim the Tree this Christmas with more than 35 ideas to inspire from your favorite bloggers! #trimthetree

Have you started decorating for the Holidays?  Over 35 of your favorite bloggers have come together to share their fun and festive ideas.  From Ornaments to Tree Skirts,  you are sure to be inspired by all of these amazing homemade ideas to Trim the Tree! I created a Snowflake Ornament.

This Snowflake Ornament is beautiful and easy to to create! #trimthetree

I love making homemade ornaments. We make several each year. The first one that I have made this Christmas season is this snowflake ornament.  I’m really loving all things snowflake.  Maybe I’m still in the “Frozen” mode from my daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago. Whatever the reason, there will be plenty of snowflakes in our house this year. Not the real ones of course; those can stay far far away someplace up North.

You only need 2 supplies for this project: a blue ornament and glitter glue or liner.


Here is the type of glitter liner that I used. It comes in a tube with an easy applicator tip so you can draw really precise designs. The color I used is called Holo Iridescent.


All you do is squeeze the glitter out of the tube and draw your snowflake design onto the ornament. If you can have someone else hold the ornament for you, that is the best way to do it. Or if you can prop it up somehow.  I held it myself while I was drawing the design. You just have to make sure that when you turn the ornament, you do not put your fingers in the glitter! This is how I held mine in one hand and then just rotated it to get snowflakes on all sides.


 When you are done covering your ornament with snowflakes, hang it so it can dry.  I hung mine from our dining room light fixture and left it to dry overnight. I love how it looks especially with the Christmas lights!

This Snowflake Ornament is beautiful and easy to to create! #trimthetree

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