DIY Wall Chalkboard

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I promised a while ago that I would show you how I made the chalkboard background that I used for my Fathers Day Mug and my Lemonade Party. Now that July 4th is over, I’m finally getting the chance to show you my DIY Wall Chalkboard.
Here Comes the Sun: DIY Wall Chalkboard
I have a very big, very empty wall in my dining nook. I have never known what to do with it until I saw this post by Jen at Tatertots and Jello. She turned her entire wall into a chalkboard  and it looks amazing.I wanted something a bit less permanent so I chose to use peel and stick chalkboard vinyl. I bought a roll of vinyl that was 2′ by 8′ and decided to do a 4′ by 4′ square. I marked off my wall with painters tape. I had some damage on my walls from previous decorations so this was a great way to cover it all!
Here Comes the Sun: DIY Wall Chalkboard
I then cut the vinyl into two sheets, each 2′ by 4′. Use a carpenters square to make sure you get a straight cut. Don’t worry about the bubbles. You will get them out when you apply the vinyl to the wall.
Here Comes the Sun: DIY Wall Chalkboard
The application of the vinyl is a two person job so make sure you have help. Have one person hold one end of the vinyl and the other person hold the other end. Apply the vinyl by taking off the backing and lining up the upper left corner and left side with the inside of the tape.  Have one person smooth out the air bubbles as the other person adheres the vinyl to the wall, working from left to right.    Apply the second piece of vinyl the same way, directly below the first piece.You can see in the photo below that the left hand side is not completely aligned with the tape. That is ok since your molding will cover up any imperfections. Just make sure it’s not too “off”.
Here Comes the Sun: DIY Wall ChalkboardYou may have to try a few times to get it right but the vinyl peels up easily so you can reposition it if you need to.
Here Comes the Sun: DIY Wall Chalkboard


For the frame, I used small pieces of molding. You can use any type of molding you want but I didn’t want to spend too much and it was a total of about 8 dollars. I had the home improvement store cut four 5′ pieces so I had enough wood to work with if we made mistakes cutting.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the process of cutting and hanging the molding. Working late at night makes me forget important things like pictures so I hope you can follow. It’s pretty easy.
Hold each piece of molding up to the vinyl and measure the corner cuts for each one. Also be sure to mark which piece is the top, bottom, left and right.
Using a miter saw or a hand saw and a miter box, cut your molding to length. Paint it whatever color you want. Nail your molding up using small finishing nails. If you use small molding like I used, be sure to have someone hold your wood on either side of your nail to avoid splitting the wood.


When you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful focal point for your wall. I like this because I can use it for menus or any kind of message I want and the kids can use it too.
Here Comes the Sun: DIY Wall Chalkboard
Here Comes the Sun: DIY Wall Chalkboard


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  1. Hi there – love your site – just wondering, on the DIY wall chalkboard, where did you find the 4′ by 8′ chalkboard vinyl? Can’t find that size anywhere….
    Best, Mira

    1. I actually posted it wrong. The size of the vinyl is a 2′ by 8′ roll and you cut it into two sections that are 2′ by 4′. I updated the post to reflect this. I also updated the post to include a link to the vinyl that I purchased.

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