Free Printable Christmas Cards Address List {25 Days to an Organized Christmas}

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25 Days to an Organized Christmas
Welcome back to the 25 Days to an Organized Christmas Series. Catch up on Day 1 here and Day 2 here.
Lets talk Christmas cards. Do you send them? I send a few each year. No matter if the cards go out via snail mail or email, you need some way to keep all those addresses/emails organized. That’s why I have designed a printable address list specifically for Christmas cards
25 Days to and Organized Christmas: Free Printable Christmas Card Address List

I’m pretty sure not everyone in your address book or in your contact list gets a Christmas card. So stop digging through lots of lists each year and let’s get everything organized into one list. I like to write addresses in pencil. My friends tend to move a lot so I can just erase their previous address and insert their new one. And while we’re getting all the addresses together, go ahead and put a plastic page protector right behind your list in your binder.  Buy some stamps and keep them in the page protector so you’re all ready to go.

 Now is the time to be filling out those Christmas cards. I like to drop them in the mail by early December. So get on the ball this year and aim to have this done by the time the tryptophan takes effect. You’ve got a week. I know you can do it.

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