Glitter Glam Spiderwebs

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I’ve got a simple tutorial for you today.  Even the kids can get in on the fun with this craft.
How many times have you sat around the table during the holidays and cut out paper snowflakes?  Let’s turn those snowflakes into spiderwebs!
I found a great tutorial {here}.
Take an 8.5×11 piece of white paper
Fold the paper in half with the open end at the top
Fold it in half again but just crease it at the bottom
Fold the bottom right corner up and make a point at the crease
Fold the left side back so that the edge lines up with the right hand side. 
Cut like this so you have a triangle
Fold the triangle in half with the open side to the right
Draw a line that swoops down from the top right and cut.
Draw four rectangles.  The wider the rectangles, the more delicate the spiderweb
Cut out the rectangles, making sure not to cut through the fold
Make a small snip at the bottom of the triangle.  The more you cut off, the bigger the hole in the center of the web.
Unfold and you have your spooky spiderweb.  Wouldn’t you know that the picture for this step turned out super blurry.  Oh well.  You know how to unfold it, right?  Let’s move on.
Now let’s take it one step further and make it glitter glam.
 I gave my spiderweb a coat of black spray paint and then let the kids cover it with pink glitter while the paint was still wet. They went a bit crazy and decided to glitter my porch too. 
When they dried, I attached them to a black painted stick and placed them in my Boo Bottles.
These would look great at your Halloween party.  Check out those spooky shadows that they cast on the wall.
Do you have any spooky decorations?


  1. Love these! Great tutorial too. I’ve never been good at making snowflakes are any kind of paper folding. This looks pretty easy though. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party!

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