Glow in the Dark Firefly Jar

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Welcome to Day 4 of Summer Fun Camp!  

Are you enjoying all the fun crafts and activities so far? If you missed the first few days, you can catch up on all the fun here:

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Now onto today’s craft:

One of my favorite summer memories is catching fireflies in a jar on a warm summer night. I would fill the jar with grass to give the fireflies a good “home”, place the jar on my bedside table and hope that the fireflies would stay alive until morning. Not so much.  A few would survive but those were the lucky ones.

Today I am sharing how you can make your own firefly jar (and not kill any fireflies in the process).

Here Comes the Sun: Glow in the Dark Firefly Jar

Jar (mason jar or empty peanut butter jar)
Glow in the dark paint
Black sharpie marker

Here Comes the Sun: Glow in the Dark Firefly Jar

1. Using your paintbrush, paint small ovals of glow in the dark paint on the INSIDE of your jar

2. Draw on the wings and antennae on the OUTSIDE of the jar using a black sharpie.

3. Using a hammer and nail, punch holes in the lid. If you are using a peanut butter jar, you could probably poke through the lid with a knife.

4. Assemble your Glow in the Dark Firefly Jar.

Now you kids can catch all the fireflies they want, let them go before bedtime and still have a jar that glows through the night.

Here Comes the Sun: Glow in the Dark Firefly Jar

Now for an activity to go with your glow-in-the-dark firefly jar.

Right click to save!

Print these out to take on your camping trip and play around the campfire (or in your own backyard). See how many insects you can find. You can use rocks or any other natural material as the bingo chips.  

We’ve got a craft giveaway too from Craft Project Ideas.  Take a look at the Craft Prize Pack that you can win! Enter via Rafflecopter, below.

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Head on over to the Summer Fun Camp Facebook Page to see photos of other campers making their crafts and stop by One Tough Mother tomorrow for more camping fun! 

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  1. I love how this turned out! And the bug bingo is super cute, too 🙂 Thanks SO MUCH for all your hard work!!

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