Etched Glass Father’s Day Mug

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Father’s Day is less than a week away. I always have a hard time with Father’s Day gifts. Usually I just send my dad a card and a gift card but this year I wanted to do just a little more so I made him an Etched Glass Mug.

Here Comes the Sun: Etched Glass Father's Day Mug



You may remember the pitcher that I made for my mom for Mother’s Day. I used the same etching process for my Dad’s mug. You can find the etching tutorial here.

The plan was to put his initials on it which are MMM. My husband thought it would be funny to do it this way since my dad worked his entire life as a chemist.


Here Comes the Sun: Etched Glass Father's Day Mug



I got the glass mug at the dollar store and I had everything else on hand. So this project cost me a whopping dollar to make. It’s gonna cost more to ship it than it did to make it!

Here Comes the Sun: Etched Glass Father's Day Mug


I hope my Dad likes it. If he doesn’t, I’ll just blame my husband.
Like the background that I used? I’ll teach you how I did it with a tutorial later this week.


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