Halloween Recipes: Spooky Punch and Vampire Bites

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Halloween is such a fun time of the year. I love all the costumes and decorations, but the funnest part for me are all the Halloween parties. Back in the day, I  was everything from a Grease Pink Lady to a Bubble Bath to Sidney Bristow to a pregnant Britney Spears. Not my greatest moment but seriously, I was a week away from giving birth and I didn’t have many options. These days, the adult antics have been replaced by toting the kids around to get candy that’s going to make them even MORE hyper than they already are. Fun? It depends on how you look at it. This year, I wanted to do something special for the kids in addition to trick or treating so I decided to make some awesome Halloween recipes and set up a Spooky Halloween Celebration for them. 

Spooky Halloween Celebration #SpookyCelebration #shop

This table was so easy to set up using items I had on hand. I especially like the little potion bottles! 

I made Spooky Halloween Punch using 7UP, Hawaiian Punch and raspberry sherbet. I added a goulish touch of an ice hand which the kids LOVED! 

Spooky Halloween Punch #SpookyCelebration #shop

For the ice hand, simply fill a latex glove with water, tie it off and freeze it. Once frozen, cut the glove away and you are left with an ice hand!  One of the fingers broke off while I while trying to remove the glove but I think it adds to the creepiness.

Every celebration needs some glass bottles, labels and straws!

Halloween Punch #SpookyCelebration #shop

For our Halloween dessert I made Vampire Bites from store bought cookie dough and some red food coloring.  I shaped the dough into lip shapes and added lollipop sticks to a few of them.
Halloween Baking #SpookyCelebration #shop
After they were finished baking, I added a Snickers Miniature candy bar (from the Mars Mixed Fun Size 55 piece Bag)  to the center and piped some white icing for fangs. 

Vampire Bite Cookie Recipe #SpookyCelebration #shop

The kids really enjoyed these!  I kept waiting for one of them to break out a “I vant to suck your blood!” But they didn’t. These would be great to make as favors for guests at your Halloween Celebration.

Spooky Halloween Celebration #SpookyCelebration #shop
I love creating simple celebrations for my kids.

You can find more Halloween recipes hereWhat’s YOUR favorite Halloween recipe? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Super cute! I love the vampire bites! We are creating our own recipes using Hawaiian Punch and Mars candy too! Check our blog in a few weeks.

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