Hand Lettered Watercolor Print

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This hand lettered watercolor print will guarantee that you rise to the top of the “favorite child” list on Mother’s Day.

I’m in love with watercolors. They are soothing, tranquil and make every worry melt away when I look at them. Didn’t know watercolors could do that?  Try looking at them and then try to be in a bad mood.  It’s just not possible.

I’ve figured out an easy way to create watercolor prints but sometimes I just want an even quicker way. Watercolors take time to dry and sometimes the paper can curl up.  Then you have to spend time flattening it out and so on and so on. On days when I don’t have time to let things dry, I use watercolor brushes in Photoshop to create digital backgrounds. You can find tons of AMAZING watercolor brushes at Creative Market 

For this watercolor print, I hand lettered a quote that is perfect for Mother’s Day (or any day really).  Then I took my hand lettering and with the power of Photoshop, I turned it into a beautiful print that you can download  and give to that special mom in your life.

This hand lettered watercolor print is gorgeous and makes a perfect gift!

I created one print with black text and one with white text so you can use whichever one you like best.

Download the print with black text

Download the print with white text

Please note that this printable is for personal use only.  It may not be sold or redistributed.  If you want to share this with your friends, please direct them to this post so they can download their own copy. This print is 8×10 and is formatted as a PDF file.

Place this print in a frame and you have the perfect Mother’s Day (or any day) gift.


This hand lettered watercolor print is gorgeous and makes a perfect gift!

Then sit back and enjoy your time as the favorite child. 


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