Holiday Punch Recipe {25 Days to an Organized Christmas}

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 Welcome back to the 25 Days to an Organized Christmas Series. This week we are talking about the holiday meal. I shared a printable Christmas Menu Planner with you and yesterday I had Kirsten here to share her Cheesy Potatoes. Today am sharing an amazing Holiday Punch Recipe. I actually can’t take credit for this recipe at all. My mother in law makes it for all her holiday gatherings and everyone guzzles it down.
This post contains affiliate links.
A delicious and festive holiday punch recipe!

1 can (46 oz.) pineapple juice
2 packs Lemon Lime Kool Aid
2 cups sugar
2 quarts water
Ginger Ale

Mix everything except ginger ale together in a bowl and then transfer to gallon size Ziploc freezer bags. Place bags in freezer until frozen.

Remove bags from freezer. Use a meat tenderizer or other similar tool to chop up the mixture (keeping the mixture in the bag while doing so). After the mixture is chopped up, place it into a bowl and add ginger ale until it is a slushee like consistency. Add a candy cane and some cute red and white striped straws to dress it up for the holiday! Serve.

A delicious and festive holiday punch recipe!



  1. Can you tell me how much this makes/serves? I am looking at adapting this to use for my kids Star Wars birthday party as ‘Yoda Soda”.

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