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The Household Binder {Household Notebook, Family Binder, etc.} is quite the craze lately.  I first learned of the concept a few years ago from my friend Kimberly at The Muddy Princess.  So, I have had one for a few years but now it’s all decorated and ready for its close-up. Here is what they {I’ve got two volumes} look like.  
I made the cover and spine in Picnik.  They sit right next to my mail center.
Inside it is pretty simple.  I keep everything in plastic page protectors and have simple tabs to separate each category.  I have the following categories:
{to-do lists, school calendars, sport schedules, etc.}
{address list, business cards, flyers for favorite restaraunts}
{medical info including vaccination records and wellness visit info. 
Also info on upcoming races for whenever my knee decides to heal}
Home Management 
{info on our rental property}
{all other accounts/bills} 
I also tore out the front page of the phone book with all the emergency numbers on it and placed it in the front.  I hope I never need to contact any of the emergency numbers but it is very useful to have it right there front and center.
I like having all my important stuff in one place.  It was very useful when registering my daughter for kindergarten last week (EEK!). All her medical info was in one place so I could easily grab it when I needed it.
It is a work in progress and I plan to add sections to keep track of holiday gift ideas and birthday gift ideas/party ideas.   I like the fact that you can just add another section when needed. Did you know that you can make an entire binder JUST for keeping track of Christmas stuff?  I don’t know if I’m THAT organized yet but hopefully someday.
Do you have a Household Binder?

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