How to Create Watercolor Prints with Brush Markers

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I’ve got a super simple tutorial for you today that I’m so excited about. How many of you are fans of brush markers? Yeah, me too! I’m a huge fan of using them for  hand lettering but did you know that they have other amazing uses? Like making gorgeous prints and backgrounds for your lettering!  Today I’m going to teach you how to we’re going to use brush markers to create watercolor prints.

Create watercolor prints with brush markers!

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Tombow Dual Brush Markers and plastic package that they come in (or a plastic Ziploc bag)
Cardstock or Watercolor Paper
Spray bottle
Paper towel

Create watercolor prints with brush markers!


Using the Tombow markers, color onto the plastic package.  Use several different colors that complement each other

Create watercolor prints with brush markers!
After you are done coloring, spray some water onto the plastic. You don’t want to soak it. Just a few drops here and  there or a slight mist is good.  If you spray too much water onto the plastic, your paper may got soggy and curl up.

Create watercolor prints with brush markers!
Cut a piece of watercolor paper or cardstock to fit the plastic. After you have sprayed the plastic with water, place the paper down onto the plastic and rub to transfer the markers to the paper. Then lift your paper up gently.

Create watercolor prints with brush markers!

If necessary, blot with a paper towel to remove excess water in order to prevent your paper from curling. If it does end up curling, wait for the paper to dry and then place it between the pages of a heavy book.

Create watercolor prints with brush markers!

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This technique is similar to the technique that I use here, just with markers instead of paint. This is such an easy way to create lots of beautiful prints in a short amount of time.  You can frame these watercolor prints and hang them on your walls, you can create gorgeous greeting cards by adding some hand lettering, or you can scan your watercolor prints and use them to create digital art.

Create watercolor prints with brush markers!


Create watercolor prints with brush markers!


If you’re looking for more watercolor related posts, I have several free watercolor clip art collections.  Also, be sure to check out my tutorial on how to create digital watercolor prints.

Watercolor Clip ArtPink-and-Purple-Free-Watercolor-Clipart-graphic
Blue Watercolor Clip Art
This watercolor clip art is gorgeous! I can't wait to use it!



  1. Oh my stars!!!!!!! Love this, I got Tombow markers for Christmas…….I can’t wait to do this. Thanks Kelly for helping us be so creative!!!!!!

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