10 of the Best Camping Tips and Tricks

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Use these camping tips and tricks on your next adventure.

We recently took a family camping trip. My husband and I used to go camping all the time before we had kids. Then there was a long stretch where we didn’t go at all because a baby in a tent just did not sound appealing. Hats off to those of you who do it but for us it was just not happening. We took our oldest when she was almost two and got no sleep. We tried again when my youngest was almost 2 in the sweltering heat known as July in North Carolina. Not our best choice.

But as the kids are getting older, it is getting easier and this year we took them to one of our favorite places… Asheville, NC. The weather was almost perfect (except for the rain that soaked the kids sleeping bags after we hung them out to dry because  my son decided to pee on his in the middle of the night). Other than THAT, the weather was nice and mild which helped a LOT.  I’m always looking for ways to make our camping trips a bit easier.  Here are some awesome camping tips and tricks that I’ve put together for your next camping trip.

10 Camping Tips and Tricks. Clever ideas to use on your next camping trip.


DIY Solar Powered Mason Jar Lanterns

Homemade Firestarters

Outdoor Kitchen Organizer

Soap Pouch

Packing Eggs for Travel

Single Use Antibiotic Packs

Single Use Soap

Bottle Cap Candles

Travel Spice Containers

Camp Roasting Sticks


What are YOUR favorite camping tips?


  1. I understand the difficulty of camping with younger kids but with a ton of planning it can be done. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips and tricks for camping.

  2. My favorite thing to do on camping trips is foil dinners, especially on the first night there. Kids are tired and there is a lot of set up to do. Nothing is easier than throwing a bunch of foil dinners in the fire and just letting them cook. What’s better is that the kids have fun preparing them before you go, so everyone gets exactly what they want or prepare and no complaints.

  3. You guys are creative. Wow. Loved especially the marshmallow sticks. 🙂 Stop by if you would like to see some of my recommendations. Yep, preparation is really key when it comes to camping. I spent quite some time developing a system aka checklist, etc. that’s perfect for us. Happy if it helps others, too.

  4. Camping with kids can be really challenging. Biggest tip imo is to take all the necessities like first aid kit. If you have a whole bunch of people there someone for sure going to bruise something or get a twisted ankle 😀

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