Money Saving Tips: Clothing

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Today I have some money saving tips for you regarding clothing. Everyone like to save money, right?


I buy all my kid’s clothes at consignment stores/consignment sales.  Kids grow so fast and there is no need to pay full price for clothes that they are going to wear for one season.  At a consignment store, I got a good chunk of my kid’s summer wardrobe for about 9 bucks!  I also sell my kid’s outgrown clothes at consignment sales to make money.  In my area, there are usually sales in the Spring and Fall.  You can find all sorts of baby/kid items for a fraction of retail. Also, if you sell at these sales, you usually receive between 50-75% of your selling price.
When buying adult clothes, I tend to shop for higher quality brands.  I have found that lower quality items just fall apart after one season.  And you really aren’t saving any money if your shorts all fall apart after one summer and you have to buy them again the next year.  I have found a consignment store in my area that sells higher brand items (J. Crew, Ann Taylor, etc.) for the price that you would pay in someplace like Target.  
I have a friend who has a son a couple months older than my son.  Her son grew like a weed when he was born and although they are only a couple months apart, the boys were a year apart in sizes.  She was gracious enough to let me borrow her son’s outgrown clothes and I just gave them back at the end of the season.
I also bought some clothes from another friend whose son is 4 months older than my son.  She priced the items very reasonably and I got an entire wardrobe for him every season for very little money.  She was always my go-to person for clothes because I knew they were high quality and stain-free with very little wear.
If you are lucky enough to find a friend like this, see if you can borrow/trade/buy from them!
You don’t have to sell ALL your kid’s clothes.  If there is an item that can be altered so it will fit again next year, take the time and alter it.  I turned one of my son’s onesies into a t-shirt by cutting off the bottom and sewing a simple hem.  I took two of my daughter’s shirts and combined them into one.
Here is the tutorial.
If those jeans still fit in the waist but are a bit too short, cut them off and make cute shorts or a skirt.
You can turn regular leggings into capri leggings
Remember, anytime you can get one more season out of a piece of clothing, you are saving money!
What types of things do you do to stretch your budget when it comes to clothes?

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