Monogram Berry Wreath

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I love making wreaths. My front door is never without one. I have accumulated quite a few Christmas wreaths, one of my favorites being my Felt Rosette Wreath that I made last year. I also made my Gingerbread M&M wreath earlier this season. But today I’m sharing my newest… Monogram Berry Wreath.

Monogram Berry Wreath

To make this wreath, you will need:
Berry garland
Wooden letter
Floral wire
Glue gun

Monogram Berry Wreath

First, cut the berries off of the garland. Next, glue the berries onto the wooden letter. My berry garland was about 6 feet long and I had berries left over. Make sure to glue the berries really close together so there are no gaps. If you have enough berries, you can cover the sides of the letter too but I did not.

After your letter is covered, attach it to the wreath with the floral wire. Some letters are trickier to attach than others. My letter had some hangers on it from where it was hanging on display in the store. You can see the plastic hangers in the photo above. I hooked the floral wire through these and then wrapped it around the wire in the wreath. If your letter does not come with some sort of hanger, I would suggest wrapping the floral wire around the letter first and then gluing the berries over it to hide the wire. I adjusted the greenery to cover the sides of the “M” that were not covered with berries. 

Monogram Berry Wreath

I like this wreath because I can use it for Christmas but also leave it up all winter.
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