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Yes, you are in the right place. Do things look different around here?  Welcome to my new blog design.  I’m so excited to finally have this up and running.  This design was done completely by ME!  I can’t believe it either.  I still have a few tweaks to make and some things to add but the basic design is done!
A year and a half ago, I purchased a pre-made blog template.  It served me well but I was ready for a change.  This style is more “me” and now that I have built it and customized it to my liking, I know exactly how to change things if I need a quick fix.

I’m attending SNAP! Conference this week and am so excited to go.   I’ve got so many plans for this blog and am so excited to learn about how to put those plans into action.  I designed my business cards with my new design in order to kick my butt into gear to get the design up and running on the blog.  Speaking of business cards, did you check out my DIY Business Card Holder that I will be taking with me?

Some things that you may notice are different around here…

I’ve updated my ABOUT page to give you a more in-depth look into who I am and what I am all about.

I am now accepting sponsors.  If you would like to purchase ad space on my blog, just click on the link in the header.  My advertise page spells out all the details.  I’ve included all my stats and my media kit is available upon request.

Up top I’ve got a link to my Project Gallery.  The page is currently under construction but eventually everything will be sorted by theme or holiday.  I will be adding all my new projects after they are completed and I will be continually working to get all my old projects categorized.

As many of you have already heard, Google is doing away with Google Reader in July.  What does this mean?  Those of you who follow through GFC will no longer be able to read my blog through Google Reader come July.  But there is a solution… there is another service you can sign up for called BlogLovin’.  You can import all your blogs from Google Reader into BlogLovin’.  Please consider following me on BlogLovin’.  You can do so by clicking on the “+” icon in the header.

Because Google Reader is being discontinued, I will be taking the GFC widget off of my blog soon. If you don’t want to follow through BlogLovin’, you can also follow via Facebook and Twitter. Both icons are located in the header.


I will soon be installing all my social media into my footer so you will be able to see all my FB updates, Tweets, Pins and Instagram pics live right here on the blog.

I’ve got a brand new Etsy Shop where I sell party printables.  You can access my shop through the link in my header.

And last but not least, I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Ashton at Something Swanky.  I met Ashton when she hosted Online BlogCon last October and soon found out that in addition to her amazing dessert blog, she also knows a thing or two about blog design.  Well, more than a thing or two.  Without her tutorials, I would have never been able to create and install this design.

So I hope you like my new place in the blogosphere.  I’ll still be tweaking things a bit here and there so there may be some dust for a while.



  1. It is super cute! I enjoy doing my own design as well…then you know where everything is and how it works! Can’t wait to meet at SNAP this week!! xoxo – Cheryl

  2. What a beautiful makeover! And I love that you did it yourself–awesome! Hope you’re having a great week, Kelly!

    ~Abby =)

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