New Mom Survival Kit Gift

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Anyone who has children knows what those first few weeks and months are like as a new mom. Very little sleep, constant feedings, diaper changes galore and a permanent hazy fog that takes up residence in your head. My sister in law recently had her first baby and I put together a New Mom Survival Kit for her.

Create a cute and easy New Mom Survival Kit in a mason jar.

I received one of these after I had my first child and really liked the idea. You can fill it with any type of goodies and write up a little something to go with it. I think the one that I have has a marble in it for those times when I’m about to lose mine, which is often.

New Mom Survival Kit closeup

I created a free printable tag and sticker for you to download in both blue and pink. Click  to download the tags and  to download the stickers. Please note that the stickers are a Word file and no preview shows up when you click the link. The sticker file contains 6 blue stickers and 6 pink stickers.

New Mom Survival Kit printable New Mom Survival Kit sticker

  So when all the gifts are coming for the baby, give the mom a much needed gift!


    1. Hi Karlee. If you scroll down through the post, you will see the words “tags” and “stickers” in orange. Click these links and you will be taken you to the files so you can download them.

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