New Year’s at Noon

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Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful night ringing in the New Year.

Saturday morning, my family headed to the Wilmington Children’s Museum for New Year’s at noon.  This was a great opportunity for my kids to share in the New Year festivities without staying up past their bedtime.  The museum had several different crafts for the kids such as noise makers, hats, and streamers.  At approximately 11:45 a.m they summoned everyone to the outdoor courtyard to get ready for the countdown.  On the way out the door, there were small plastic wineglasses filled with juice for the kids to toast with.  There was music and entertainment and a countdown to noon with lots of confetti to throw.  The kids had a blast, it was FREE (with our membership to the museum) and we were back home in time for lunch and naps!

Here are some pictures from our morning.  


      Does this come with a refill?
And here are the crafts that the kids made.
Paper Plate Noise Makers
Have your child decorate a paper plate. (I wrote the year on the first one and my daughter then copied it onto one she made for her brother).

Fold the plate in half and staple the sides together, leaving a small opening.

Fill with dried beans/rice.

Staple the opening closed.

Shake Shake Shake!!!

New Year’s Streamers
Have your child decorate a popsicle stick with markers
Choose different colored ribbons and tie them together with a knot at one end.
Tape the ribbons to the popsicle stick.
We had a wonderful celebration and I hope you did too!


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