How to Organize a Closet

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Have you ever walked into your kid’s room just to walk right back out, close the door to pretend the mess didn’t exist? I have spent way too many days nagging my daughter to clean up her room. A few weeks ago, it just got to be way too much and I decided some major organization needed to happen. Pronto.  She’s got a REALLY small room but a pretty big closet compared to the size of the room. Here is How to Organize a Closet (and keep it clean)!

Organize your closet and keep it clean with this easy method!

My daughter’s room has gone through many organizational stages. All have failed after a while. I finally found a method that has worked for my 4 year old son since January. I’m not sure why it took me this long to implement it in my daughters room.

My daughter is an artist. She is constantly drawing and painting which creates piles and piles of paper. It adds up and overwhelms her small room very quickly. We used to have an art desk in her closet to save space  but the mess started to take over and the art desk needed to make way for a new storage solution. My husband built this simple wooden shelf to contain all of her stuff. The shelves were built to be 12 inches high to fit the fabric bins without a lot of wasted space. We built ours 17 inches deep. Four 20 quart tubs can fit across as well. Two 6 quart tubs can fit stacked on top of each other. I like this storage solution because it eliminates wasted space. You can customize it to the exact dimensions that you need. We took the doors off of the closet so she could access the entire shelf. The closet doors weren’t able to open all the way due to a bookshelf on an adjacent wall. Taking off the doors solves this problem. You can add a tension rod and a curtain if you want to hide all the storage.

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I used  fabric bins that we had and I also bought some clear plastic bins. For my organizational method, I use each bin to hold one type of item. All her ponies go in one bin, all her Barbies in another etc. Each bin is labeled so she knows exactly what goes where.  I made the labels out of black self-adhesive cardstock and used a paint pen to label them.  I love the chalkboard look but didn’t want the labels to smear so I opted for a permanent chalkboard effect. I’m planning on making some hanging labels to go on the fabric bins soon. There is also room at the bottom to store flat boxes for her finished artwork and a shelf for her books.

My daughter now takes out one box at a time and then puts it away before getting out another box. I could not be happier. There has been absolutely no nagging about cleaning at all this week.


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 Do you any closet organization tips?

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