Ornament Wreath

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I’ve got a beautiful DIY project for you today. I have wanted to make an Ornament Wreath for a few years now and this year I finally made one! And I’m going to show you how you can make one too.

This ornament wreath is GORGEOUS and very easy to make!

Many tutorials for an ornament wreath use styrofoam wreath forms and hot glue. However, I was looking for a less permanent method. I wanted to be able to use the ornaments next year on the tree if I want to and I also knew that storing this wreath without breaking the ornaments would be difficult. Instead of styrofoam and hot glue I used a wire coat hanger.In addition to the coat hanger, you will need a large amount of ornaments, a zip tie, hot glue and wire cutters.

First, untwist the top of a wire hanger and shape it into a circle.


Next, take the tops off of each ornament one at a time and add some glue under the top in order to secure the top to the ornament. Once the tops are secured, thread the ornaments onto the wire.


Once the wire is full, zip tie the to ends together.


Using wire cutters, cut the top hook off of the hanger. Tie fishing line around the wire to hang the wreath. I recommend hanging it somewhere other than your front door. The wreath is fragile and the ornaments could possibly break if it gets bounced around too much. Mine is hung over my mantel.

I absolutely love this wreath. I love all the metallics and how it sparkles from the lights of our Christmas tree.


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