Pencil Valentines -“You’re the Write One For Me”

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Let’s talk Valentines. Are you a fan of the candy that comes with them? Call me a mean mom but I think that there are so many other fun things that can be attached to a Valentine other than candy, like this fun maze. I’m not anti-candy or anything. I mean, chocolate and I are on a first name basis. But I really like to think outside the box when it comes to Valentine’s Day. That’s why I love creating non-candy Valentines like these Pencil Valentines.

What a great idea for a valentine! These pencil valentines are so cute!


I saw the adorable pencils at Target the other day. That dollar (or $3 or $5) section gets me every time. So, I saw these pencils and I just couldn’t help myself.  They just up and jumped off the shelf and into my cart. I knew right away that I wanted to attach them to Valentines. 

I chose two different packs of pencils because honestly I don’t know how elementary aged boys feel these days about getting a pink pencil. I would hope that it doesn’t matter but you never know.


First, you’ll need to print out the pencil valentines.  You can access them in the resource library, available to my email subscribers.

I suggest printing them out on heavy white cardstock for best results. Just remember it’s for personal use only. No redistributing. No selling. I’m sure you’re cool with that, right?

Next, punch a hole in the top corner of each Valentine, thread some baker’s twine through the hole and attach a pencil.   

What a great idea for a valentine! These pencil valentines are so cute!

I love how these turned out and can’t wait to send them to school with my kids for their Valentine’s Party.

What a great idea for a valentine! These pencil valentines are so cute!


Here are a few of my other non-candy Valentines:

These scratch off Valentines are so much fun! Learn how to make your own with this easy tutorial and a few simple household supplies.

And just so you don’t think I’m a totally awful mom, here’s a Valentine I made with a whole BOX of candy. 

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  1. These are so cute, that I could die! I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s, but I have to admit that your idea is very original and nothing like all the generic stuff they sell in stores. Maybe I’ll try to create something similar this year, it will be a lot better. Thanks for the ideas!

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