20 Crock Pot Freezer Meals You Can Make Today!

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Get dinner on the table fast with these crockpot freezer meals!

It’s 5pm, the fridge is empty and you have just 30 minutes before you have to be out the door shuttling your kids to their practices.  Who’s been there? Dinner isn’t going to magically appear no matter how much you stare into that fridge. Yes, you could rush through a drive-through before practice or piano lessons or whatever your kid is into. But is that really the best thing to do? Convenient? Yes. Healthy and on-budget, no.  A few weeks ago, I shared some Instant Pot meals but today I’m adding in something new… crockpot freezer meals

crockpot freezer meals


If you have not tried freezer meal cooking, I have got a treat for you today.  If you HAVE tried it, I’ve got some delicious new recipes for you. 

Freezer meal cooking is simple. You make meals ahead of time and then freeze them to use during the week. No more 5pm empty-fridge staring.  There are 2 different types of freezer meals…those that require cooking ahead of time and those that don’t. I’m a fan of the kind that doesn’t require any cooking prep ahead of time.  I like to refer to these recipes as “dump recipes” as in, you dump them in the crockpot (or instant pot) and that’s it.  Freezer to crockpot to table.  It’s that easy.


Preparing a good amount of freezer meals using this method takes a short amount of time. I would suggest setting aside 1.5-2 hours to make 1-2 weeks of meals. I usually do this while the kids are at school but if you work outside the home, you could easily accomplish this on a weekend morning.

To prepare freezer meals, there are a few things that you will need other than the food.

Crock-Pot (this is the one I have and I love it)
Gallon sized Freezer bags
Bag Holders
Labels (optional)

The bag holders seem to make the process easier but I need to be honest and say that I have not tried them yet.  I have heard good things about them and they are on my list of things to buy for my next meal prepping session.

The process is easy… first, label your bags with the name of the dish and the cooking instructions. Create your assembly line of bags, and place a recipe card in front of each one so you know exactly what to put into each bag. Next, place all the ingredients into the appropriate bags.  I like to do all the chicken recipes at once, all the beef recipes at once and so on.  After all your bags are assembled, squeeze all the air out of them, close them up and lay them flat in the freezer.  When you are ready to cook them, run them under hot water to thaw  (or place in fridge the night before to thaw) and dump the contents into your crock pot or instant pot. Simple, easy, delicious. 

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Now that you know the process of creating freezer meals, here are 10 to add to your meal plan this month. Double all these recipes and you’ll have your freezer stocked with 20 meals in no time. To access all the recipes listed below, you’ll have to click through the photos and click the name of the recipe below the photo to access the recipe.

Crock Pot Freezer Meals

Orange Chicken

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3 Ingredient Hawaiian Chicken
10 Chicken CrockPot Recipes
10 Beef CrockPot Recipes
10 Summer CrockPot Recipes
3 Ingredient Crock Pot Recipes


crockpot freezer meals

One last thing…I want to let you know about Once a Month Meals. They are all about freezer meal cooking. They have a database of over 5000 freezer meals so you can customize menus for your family.  They also have 600 pre-made menus that you can choose from. AND they have Instant Pot recipes!  SCORE! You can check it all out here.




  1. The Orange Chicken looks delicious! At what point do you freeze it? Or do you just freeze the chicken and add the seasonings later? I’d love to just dump and go, then come home to a cooked meal rather than having to add extras part way through cooking. Although for this one I may make an exception.

    1. Hi Jeanette! The Orange Chicken recipe is not my recipe so you’ll have to click the link associated with the recipe to get the full instructions.

  2. For the Orange chicken,
    Can one just brown the chicken in a pan before putting it in slow cooker, i don’t have the time in the morning to wait for the hour in the slow cooker first.

    1. Hi Nicole. You would have to ask the developer of the recipe. Simply click through to the recipe to leave a comment/question with the recipe developer.

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