Rainbow Cake Tutorial

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Rainbows make me happy. I love all the Rainbow Roundups that I have been seeing lately.   I mean, can you really be sad when confronted with that splash of color? I thought I’d bring back one of my popular posts from last year…the Rainbow Cake tutorial.  Does the this cake take a bit more time than a standard cake? Yes. Is it worth it? Double, Triple, Six- layer Yes.


Here Comes the Sun: Rainbow Cake Tutorial

If you would like the tutorial for this cake, you can find it here.

A few notes:
This isn’t something that you just whip up.  But it doesn’t take all day either. All you last minute-ers. {yeah, you}… you might want to plan a bit for  this one.
Make sure to use wooden dowels in the cake. Just sayin’.
If you are not a good cake froster {like me} consider making the frosting look “fluffy” like clouds.
Are you a baker? What’s YOUR favorite cake to make?

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