How to Throw an Easy Sports Party

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My mission if I wanted to accept it was to throw a sports party that incorporated several different sports. Four sports to be exact. Football, Baseball, Soccer, and Basketball.  Of course I accepted this mission because it came from my 5 year old son and how could I resist his sweet little face. I then turned around (so he couldn’t see me) and proceeded to have a panic attack. Because how on earth was I going to pull this one off?

FOUR SPORTS? Combined into one party? But I was determined and here are the ideas that I came up with.

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!



  1. Host the party at an indoor sports facility.
  2. Use a “Snack Bar” theme for the food table. Snack bars are pretty much at every sporting event so it fits the theme well.
  3. Purchase inexpensive food that is easy to distribute to party guests
  4. Bake the cake yourself

Affiliate links are included below to make it easy for you to purchase the supplies.

Just a note before I get into the details: if an indoor sports facility is out of your budget, look into local parks where you can use their fields. A lot of time they are free for use.

I used one printable for this party. ONE PRINTABLE. If you know me, that’s unheard of.  I usually go all out with the printables. But I wanted to keep this one simple.

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!

I served water, chips, popcorn and ho tdogs. I used turkey hot dogs so they were even cheaper than beef.  We cooked the hotdogs at home and I brought a crock pot to the facility to keep them warm until it was time to eat. I used red and white striped popcorn containers and hot dog containers to match with the snack bar theme.

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!

I didn’t get a close up of the hot dog containers but you can see them in the picture below.

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!

Cakes are not my specialty but I try my best to make them look semi decent. I can’t afford to be spending tons of money on a professionally decorated cake which is why I make my own. Everything that you see on this cake is fondant except for the “grass” that I piped on with frosting which is only there to cover my mistakes! Keeping it real, people.

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!

The sports balls were cut out with cookie cutters and I decorated them with edible markers. The football was decorated with frosting. The “6” cake topper was cut out a few days ahead of time and set aside to harden. Learn from my mistakes and always always use wooden dowels in your cake if you are making at multi-tiered.  Or your cake will sink and you will end up with deformed decorations.I almost cried because I had spent so long on it and forgot the dowels. But it held up through the party so I just went with it and moved on.  6 year old really don’t care about what it looks like anyway.

The staff at the sports facility organized all the games for the kids. It was so nice to be able to sit back and relax and just enjoy watching the kids have fun.  Here they are playing dodgeball.

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!

After about an hour of play, it was time for food and cake.

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!

The goodie bags. I don’t know how I forgot to take a picture of them. Probably because there was a mad dash for them at the end of the party and I was trying not to get trampled by the stampede of kids. I bought a this bag of chocolates that were wrapped up like sports balls. I divided them up into individual plastic bags, tied them with twist ties and had 25 goodie bags in a matter of minutes.

This smile always makes me so happy. It’s the reason I have parties for my kids every year. I love to celebrate their special day.

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!

So that is how I pulled off 4 sports in one party. It’s not an impossible mission and you can do it too.

Easy tips for a fun and affordable Sports Party!


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