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I’m so excited to partner with REPREVE in this sponsored post and share with you how to #TurnItGreen.


Way before I became a blogger, my first passion was journalism.  I was convinced that I was going to write for some big, well known newspaper and become the best journalist ever with everyone reading my stories.  And then I failed to get accepted into my college’s school of journalism.  So back to the drawing board I went, flipping through the green course book and searching for a major that I had some sort of interest in.  I was hoping something would pop off the page and smack me in the forehead. Engineering, no. Pre-Med, double-no. And then I stopped on a page with the words “Environmental Biology” at the top.  Hmmm… I could do that. I had always really liked nature and loved outdoor activities and was into the whole “Save the Earth” thing.  I took a look at the area of the page where it gave examples of the types of jobs that one could obtain with said major. Working for the Nature Conservancy, working for the EPA.  Yes, yes, this sounded promising. And six years later, I graduated from Indiana University with a Masters in Environmental Science. I had an 8-year stint as an environmental consultant with various firms before I left Corporate America.

These days, my environmental consulting consists of consultations with my children on the importance of recycling.  Recycling at home is one of the easiest ways that you can help the environment.  We (and by we, I mean my husband) hauls our recycling bins down to the local drop-off center but some cities provide free pick-up. Did you know that the U.S. plastic bottle recycling rate is less than 30 percent—so less than one-third of all plastic bottles get recycled.  We can do better, people!  Do you know what happens to plastic bottles after you toss them in the recycling bin? The luckiest plastic bottles get made into a recycled fleece beanie made from REPREVE. REPREVE is a recycled fiber that helps turn plastic bottles you recycle into cool stuff you can wear and use every day.

Repreve Infographic

A lot of brands you love use REPREVE to make their products greener:

• Volcom graphic t-shirts are made with REPREVE, using 2 recycled plastic bottles.
• One Patgonia fleece jacket with REPREVE has 40 recycled plastic bottles, so you can be a real “active-ist.”
• Life Khaki by Haggar uses REPREVE to put 7 recycled plastic bottles in every pair of pants; so wear what you believe.

Other brands made with REPREVE: The North Face, Polartec, Patagonia, Beija-Flor, Lauren Conrad’s XO(eco) by Blue Avocado, Swiftwick socks, and more.

So… how are you going to TurnItGreen in the New Year?

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