Welcome Spring!

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Happy Spring! We celebrated the day by going on a walk down a nature path in our neighborhood. Usually I let Cutter walk but he has been getting a bit too adventurous lately and almost ended up in down the bank and in the creek the other day. So… it was into the wagon for him but he didn’t seem to mind.


We had a very brief lesson on how to identify a Sweetgum tree. Madison did not seem to care as I tried to show her the leaves, She just likes the sweetgum balls. Cutter likes them too…he just prefers to throw them. He prefers to throw everything these days. Madison was more concerned with putting flowers in her hair.
We also saw evidence of beavers. Madison thinks that very tree that is chopped down was done by a beaver. I had to explain to her that beavers chop trees down and leave them pointed at the top.

She loved pointing out all the flowers and sniffing the Sweetbay Magnolia.
After our nature hike we took a bike ride. Madison has just recently mastered the skill of pedaling and now can ride the entire way down the street and back. So proud of my big girl.
Cutter just chilled in the wagon A much better option than him running amok in the street.
How did you celebrate your day?

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