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Today is such an exciting day! I finally get to show you what I’ve been working on for months. If you’re on my email list, I’ve been sharing about this for a while. Things look a little different here on the blog and it’s because I’ve rebranded Here Comes the Sun to Kelly Leigh Creates.


When I started this blog back in 2010, I just wanted a space to share my craft tutorials with other people. I remember staring at the computer screen and trying to think of a name for my new blog. I had absolutely no idea. I didn’t know anything about blogging at that moment. I just knew that I had seen a few blogs where people shared their crafts and I knew I wanted to be able to do that.

So I sat and tried to think of something and all I could come up with was Here Comes the Sun. I’m a big fan of the Beatles and I thought that this was somehow an appropriate name for my blog since it reflected something that I liked.  Newsflash…it was not a good name for a craft blog.

After a few years, I started going to blogging conferences and had to hand out business cards to other bloggers. Every time I told people my blog name, I would cringe. I knew I wanted a name that reflected more of what I did and not a name that was based on a song that I liked. I spent years (yes, years) trying to think of some clever name. But in the end, it came down to something very simple. What is it that I do? And the answer is…


And so I decided to change the name to Kelly Leigh Creates. Creating has always been the core of what I do and love. Whether I’m creating a hand lettered printable or cut file or whether I’m showing you how to create an easy party with printable decor… it’s all about creating.  And I also love to show YOU how to create all the fun printables and cut files that I make which is why I share graphic design tutorials too.


    • Social Media – My new handle is on all social media is kellylcreates. I’d love for you to follow me there if you don’t already. Click on the social media icons at the top of the sidebar.
    • Resource Library – I now offer a resource library with all my free printables and cut files.  It is password protected and you must be on my email list to access it. You only need to sign up once to access all the freebies. You can sign in the sidebar. If you are already on my email list, you should have gotten an email with a link and instructions on how to access it. The link and password will be included in every weekly newsletter.
    • Logo Design – I need to give a shout-out to my good friend Stephanie at Crafting in the Rain.  She designed my logo and did a great job coming up with ideas when I couldn’t. Definitely get in contact with her if you need design work done.
    • Email – My new email is [email protected]
    • Homepage – For now, the homepage has not changed. In the future, I plan to re-vamp it to be more of an actual homepage with links to different sections of the blog.
    • Menus – The menus are the same for now but I am planning to clean them up to make a better user experience and to make finding my content easier.

If anyone is considering a rebrand, I highly suggest getting a copy of The Blogger’s Guide to Rebranding by Cori at Hey Let’s Make Stuff. Her book walked me through the rebrand process step by step and gave me the confidence that I needed to finally make this switch.

I hope you love the rebrand as much as I do and I’m so excited to continue sharing easy projects with you at Kelly Leigh Creates.

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