How to Decorate a Rustic Christmas Tree

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A rustic Christmas tree is easy to pull together. From the ornaments to the garland to the topper… this tutorial will show you how.

Every year I look forward to coming up with a theme for our Christmas tree. This year we decided on a rustic/woodland theme. You can interpret the term rustic in many different ways but we decided that we wanted a tree that looked like it could be in a lodge.

rustic christmas tree in room

I did not have to purchase too many new ornaments for this tree. I got a few at the dollar store and a few more at Michaels during Black Friday sales. When I look for ornaments, I like to find a few that are big so they fill up a lot of space.


I fell in love with these skis the minute I saw them. They literally just jumped right into my cart.

rustic christmas tree decorations
There are a few sleds on the tree. A few that I bought new and a few that are very old from when I was in elementary school. You can’t have a rustic tree without a sled.

rustic christmas tree decorations
These felt stars jumped into my cart along with the skis.

rustic christmas tree decorations

Each year we buy a family ornament. We got this one on our summer vacation to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It’s the perfect fit for a rustic Christmas tree.

rustic christmas tree decorations

Deer heads are a must.

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rustic christmas tree decorations

I found these cute little sacks of reindeer food and knew they had to come home with me.

rustic christmas tree decorations
For the garland, I used burlap and then layered plaid ribbon on top of it. I feel it looks best to drape the garland around the tree diagonally starting from the top and going down.

rustic christmas tree decorations

I used a bow for a topper that matched the ribbon. This bow was a great find. Ive tried so many tree toppers and none of them have worked. Most of them are too heavy and just topple over when I try to stick them on the top.  With the bow, all I had to do was use the twist tie that came with it to attach it to the top branch.  Viola…instant tree topper.

rustic christmas tree topper
For balls, I chose red and gold. You could also add in green but since a lot of the other ornaments were red, I stuck with red and gold. One of my favorite additions to our ornament collection this year are the wood slice ornaments that I made. I love the way the red reflects the light.

rustic christmas tree decorations

Other ornaments that I included were pinecones, stockings,  felt candy ornaments and any wooden Christmas decorations.

The last thing that I added was this BELIEVE banner. I was going to hang it elsewhere but then remembered how much I love banners that are hung on trees. So up it went. I think it really finished off the rustic Christmas decor look.

rustic christmas tree decorations

rustic christmas tree decorations

I’m excited to celebrate our rustic Christmas this year!

rustic christmas tree decorations


rustic christmas tree decorations

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  1. Love your tree. I have to ask where did you find the reindeer food bags? I would really like to have some.

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