DIY Rope Candle Holder

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There has been a blah beige candle holder that has been lurking in my closet for a while now begging me to use it. But I resisted because it was just kind of boring. It was screaming “make me pretty and use me, dang it”.  Do your forgotten items talk to you too?  I swear they just stare me down when I go into my craft closet.  But then I spotted some leftover rope in my closet and I knew I could make it into a pretty DIY Rope Candle Holder.

Transform an old candle holder into a beautiful beach-inspired piece with this DIY Rope Candle Holder tutorial!


If you too have a blah beige candle holder that needs a little love, grab some rope, and a glue gun and get started. Take your rope and start at the bottom of the candle holder. Place a line of glue on the candle holder and attach the rope.

Rope Candle Holder

Wind the rope around the candle holder, placing a line if glue under the entire string of rope. Keep winding until you get to the top.

DIY Rope Candle Holder

When you reach the top, secure the end of the rope with hot glue.

rope candle

It may still be beige, but it is so much prettier and will go perfectly with any sort of nautical or coastal decor. I’m big on coastal decor so there will be no shortage of places to put this beauty in my house! Possibly next to my DIY Wooden Sign or my Mod Podge Nautical Map Monogram.

DIY Rope Candle Holder final


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mason jar beach decor final

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