How to Create a Spring Mantel

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Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! Hopefully all the snow and cold is gone where you live. My mantel is all decked out for Spring and today I’m showing you how you can create a Spring mantel too!How to create a beautiful Spring mantel!

When I create a mantel, I like to “shop my house” for things that I already have. But somehow the Target dollar spot sucks me in every time. This year I purchased a cute Hello Spring sign and the little metal lanterns. I just couldn’t resist.  I also added a little yellow bird and a candlestick.

How to create a beautiful Spring mantel!

The banner also came from Target and was a gift from my SNAP sister last year. For those of you that are not bloggers, SNAP is an annual conference for creative bloggers that I have attended the past two years. This banner has a slick surface so you can add stickers to it if you want spelling out words like “Spring” or whatever you want! I like to hang banners on my old window. It creates height and draws your eyes up to the ceiling.

How to create a beautiful Spring mantel!

How to create a beautiful Spring mantel!

I love using flowers in my decor. I prefer fresh flowers but fake flowers last longer and are easier on the budget! This year, I placed some forsythia into a simple glass jar. I love the combo of yellow and aqua. Aqua is my favorite color and it is all throughout my house.

How to create a beautiful Spring mantel!

So here is the finished product. Simple and affordable. I love the color combos and the window backdrop.

How to create a beautiful Spring mantel!

Want another cute banner to hang on your mantel? Check out my reversible chalkboard banner tutorial:

Reversible Chalkboard Banner final

And here are some of my Spring mantels from previous years.

Spring Mantel


Pastel Spring Mantel



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