Transform your Kitchen with Contact Paper for Countertops

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Inside: How to use contact paper for countertops.

Today I want to introduce you to Misty. She blogs at Just Misty and has an amazing decorating tip for renters using contact paper. Here’s her story:I have been renting ever since I moved out on my own. For me, it’s a better choice financially. The only problem with renting is the house isn’t really mine. I can decorate and add touches of my own style, but my landlord does not allow us to paint or make any permanent changes. I also do not want to put a lot of money into a house I’m only going to be living in for a few years and won’t make a return on my investment. The house I live in was built in the 1950s. It has some, well, some interesting features. I won’t get into all of those in this post though. My kitchen countertop was one thing I really hated from day 1. When I looked at the house, the landlord was doing a little remodeling and he mentioned he might re-do the countertop and sink. I was really happy because I hated that 1960’s bright tomato red cheap laminate it had on it. Not only was it just an ugly shade of red, but it just made the entire kitchen seem darker. Which is why I love the idea of using contact paper for countertops to give them a revamped and clean look!



The previous renter had a delay in moving out though so my landlord did not get to finish the kitchen updates. This meant I was stuck with the ugly countertop. For over 3 years I have lived with this countertop and hated it. Now that I am doing a lot more recipes and cooking posts on my blog I really wish I had my dream kitchen. Or at least a kitchen with a normal countertop! I know my dream kitchen won’t happen for several years so a few weeks ago I started searching online for ways to cover, paint or re-do laminate or Formica countertops. And I thought if I could find some extra laminate from a discount/leftover housing material shop or salvage place, maybe I could talk my dad into helping me replace the laminate at least. Also, I think my landlord would have let me do that since I would be paying for it. Upon my online research, I came across a post about using contact paper to cover laminate or formica countertops. I did not even realize they made contact paper in patterns or colors other than clear! There are all kinds of patterns, colors, and styles of contact paper now, perfect for kitchen countertops. I did not know if it would really work or not. I figured if it did not then I would only be out a few dollars and a couple of hours of time. It was worth a try to cover that ugly, red, depressing formica by using contact paper for my counterops!

You can read the full tutorial here for tips and tricks you can use to update your own countertops with contact paper.

Thanks so much, Misty for sharing today!
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