DIY Printable Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

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These DIY printable ice cream cone wrappers are festive, fun and the perfect addition to any party or gathering.

It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s time for ice cream. If you are anything like me, ice cream is a staple in your freezer. I consider it a condiment… ketchup, mustard, pickles….ice cream. My fave ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip all the way! But honestly, there aren’t too many flavors that I don’t like. I can’t ever remember turning down ice cream because the flavor was bad. Instead of just scoops in a bowl, I decided to get a bit fancy because…summer.  So I bought some sugar cones and made some fun ice cream cone wrappers.  The kids loved them and I thought they were pretty cool too.

diy printable ice cream cone wrappers

These were so much fun to make. How adorable are these ice cream themed designs? I layered them on top of a pink background and they turned out way cuter than I thought possible.

diy printable ice cream cone wrappers


Putting together your wrappers is easy peasy. You’ll need some heavy white cardstock,  scissors and washi tape. And a printer, of course. These wrappers are designed to be used on sugar cones. They may or may not fit onto waffle cones depending on how big the waffle cone is so you’re best bet is just to go with sugar cones.

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  1. Print out the template onto heavy white cardstock
  2. Cut out the ice cream cone wrappers
  3. Wrap them around the cones tightly (but don’t break the cone!) and attach in the back with a piece of washi tape.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. These ice cream cone wrappers are not only fun but functional too. They are great at stopping ice cream drips so you can avoid sticky fingers. 

diy printable ice cream cone wrappers

These are great to pre-assemble for a party. Just wrap up as many as you need before the party starts and bring them out when it is time for dessert. They are the perfect addition to an ice cream bar or even an ice cream themed party. If you’ve never had an ice cream themed party, you are seriously missing out! So make your next party or family night a little more fun and festive with these ice cream cone wrappers.

diy printable ice cream cone wrappers


diy printable ice cream cone wrappers


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  1. These Ice Cream Cone wrappers are really cute, however when I click on the icon to print it brings up the Mom’s Banner.

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