DIY S’mores Bar with Printables

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This DIY S’mores Bar will make entertaining a breeze. Your guests will love the fun S’mores toppings and party printables.

Have you ever been camping in the middle of summer? In the hot, humid heat? Newsflash… it’s not fun.  I prefer my camping to be in the cool crisp fall months when you actually NEED a sleeping bag. In the summer, camping better come with a cabin and some AC or I’m out! The one thing about camping that I DO enjoy in the summer is making S’mores. But you don’t have to go camping to enjoy them.  They can be enjoyed right in your back yard…no tent needed. It’s easy with a DIY S’mores Bar.

smore's bar

My daughter was off at cross country running camp a few weeks ago and while she was enjoying cooling off in the mountain streams, we were sweltering here at home with heat indexes over 100 degrees. Something was just not right about that. Since it was just my son and me, I wanted to do something special for him and he requested S’mores. So I put together a S’mores bar and we had some ooey gooey goodness.


Setting up the s’mores bar is easy. Just gather your marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers and display them in a S’mores buffet station. If you like to add fun ingredients to your S’mores, you can use things like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or even Peeps. Add in some wooden skewers for marshmallow roasting and you are good to go.

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Did you know that you don’t need a campfire or even a fire pit to make s’mores? We usually get out the camping stove but you can also go simpler with some Sterno cans. Sterno is basically heat in a can and a great way to make a portable S’mores roasting station.


I’ve created some cute S’mores bar free printables so you can wrap up the S’mores ingredients to-go.  These are perfect for your guests to take home after a get-together. And by packaging everything up and sending it home with guests, it gets the extra sweets out of your house so you aren’t tempted by the chocolate at midnight.

smores bar sign

This S’mores bar would also be super cute at an outdoor wedding or you could also set it up as an indoor S’mores bar.

The printable tags are located in the resource library. available to my email subscribers.


diy smores bar


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