The Best Places to Find Commercial Use Fonts

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Need to find THE perfect font for your next project? Learn the best places to find commercial use fonts.

I do a lot of design work and I usually use my own hand lettering in my designs. But there are times when I want to use a font. I get questions from my readers a lot about where to find fonts so today I’m sharing what I know about commercial use fonts.  What they are, the best places to find them, and what to know before using them.

commercial use fonts


A commercial use font is any font that can be used to make items that result in a financial gain. Are they free? Yes and no. There are many sites that offer commercial use fonts for free. I have listed some of these sites below. However, you need to be careful because the sites that list free fonts also have a lot of fonts that are for personal use only. You need to make sure that the font you are downloading is truly free to use for commercial purposes. Most fonts have a notification either on the download page or in a text file that comes with the download.

There are also many sites that list paid commercial use fonts and I have listed some of them below. When you purchase a commercial use font, you are purchasing a license to use the font commercially. The terms of these licenses vary. For example, some licenses only allow you to create a certain number of end products for sale and other licenses allow you to create unlimited end products for sale. Be sure to read the license carefully before purchasing a font.


The following sites are some of my favorites for paid commercial use fonts. Sometimes you can get commercial use fonts for free on these sites as well.

Creative Market 

Creative Market was the first place that I listed my font, Low Tide, for sale. The thing I love about Creative Market is that they offer 6 design assets for free each week and sometimes one of the design assets is a font. This is a great way to build your font collection quickly.

Design Cuts

Design Cuts is a site similar to Creative Market. What makes Design Cuts different from Creative Market is that they offer themed bundles every month so you can get a lot of design assets for a very low price.  A lot of these bundles are font bundles. Purchasing font bundles is also a way to build your font collection quickly for cheap.

So Fontsy

So Fontsy is a site run by a friend of mine. It is easy to search and has tons of fonts. So Fontsy also offers bundles and every item on the site comes with a standard commercial use license. I have listed several of my designs, including my fonts on So Fontsy. So Fontsy also has freebies every week.

The Hungry JPEG

The Hungry JPEG is similar to Design Cuts in that they offer design asset bundles every month which often contain font bundles.


The sites listed below offer fonts for personal use as well as commercial use. When choosing a font, make sure to read the license.

Font Bundles

Font Squirrel

1001 Fonts

I hope this post answered most of your questions. Always be sure to read and re-read the license before purchasing and/or downloading a font. 


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commercial use fonts


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