How to Pair Fonts Together – the Right Way

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Learn how to pair fonts together to create beautiful designs.

Let’s talk fonts. Are you a font lover like me? Do you hoard them on your computer like me?  With so many fonts to choose from, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to pair them together to create designs. When you pair fonts together the right way, your designs can be amazing.  If not, it can be disastrous. Here are some tips on how to pair fonts the right way.


  • Limit yourself to 2 to 3 fonts. I recommend using 2 fonts if you are just starting out.  The more different types of fonts that you use, the more cluttered and confusing your design is going to be.  If it looks ok with 3, by all means use 3. I like to keep is streamlined and simple. Remember that less is more.
  • Use script and non-script fonts together. When pairing fonts, it is visually pleasing to use different styles that complement each other. Try using a fancy script font with a non-script font.
  •  Mix and match thick and thin. I like to pair thick fonts with skinny fonts.
  • Mix serif with sans serif. Serif letters have a small line attached to the end of the stroke. Sans serif letters do not.  The text of this blog and the heading of the post is sans serif. Mix and match a combination of serif and sans serif to add more interest to your designs.
  • Consistency is key. When branding your business, the fonts that you use are critical to your brand. Whatever you choose, keep it consistent so customers will recognize your work immediately. For my brand, I have chosen to use a brush font and a simpler sans serif font so my photos have a cohesive look.

One of my favorite places to get fonts is through Design Cuts. Their latest bundle, The Essential Popular Fonts Collection,  is chock full of over 200 amazing fonts. TWO HUNDRED FONTS! Here’s just a sampling.

The best part (in addition to adding tons of great fonts to your collection) is that these fonts come with a commercial use license meaning you can use them in designs that you are creating to sell. Commercial use fonts can be downright expensive. That’s why I love these bundles from Design Cuts. This special bundle is only available for a short time so be sure to get all the details here.  

If you missed this bundle, don’t worry! Design Cuts releases new bundles every 2 weeks and a new font bundle is sure to come up soon. While you’re waiting, be sure to check out all the other amazing resources Design Cuts has to offer.  They are one of my go-to sources for graphic design elements.




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