Christmas Gift Tags with Silhouette Sketch Pens

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Get crafty this holiday and make beautiful Christmas gift tags with Silhouette sketch pens!

I love the look of perfectly wrapped color-coordinated present under the tree. The only thing that makes this better is a unique handmade gift tag on each of the present. But handmade gift tags take soooo long to make, right? Nope! Did you know that you can make Christmas gift tags with Silhouette sketch pens? I really wish I would have started to use my Silhouette sketch pens sooner. You can make so many beautiful things in such a little amount of time.  It is so fast and easy to crank out dozens of beautifully designed gift tags. Read on to learn how!

gift tags with Silhouette sketch pens


  • Kraft paper
  • Cardstock (optional)
  • Glue (optional)
  • Silhouette
  • Silhouette sketch pens
  • Twine 


  1. Choose your designs and align them on your Silhouette mat. I used free SVG files from LoveSVG but you can find SVG files on many different sites like Creative Market, So Fontsy and Design Cuts. I have a bunch of free SVGs here. Remember these are for personal use only.
  2. Size the design to a size appropriate for a gift tag.
  3. Draw a gift tag shape around your design. The shape doesn’t have to be the typical rectangle. It can be circle, star, ornament shape…get creative.
  4. Draw a circle at the top of the tag. This will be cut out and allow you to thread string through the top of your gift tag.
  5. Send the design cut. First, select the design only and make sure you have chosen the sketch pen setting. Place a sketch pen into the holder and hit “send”.  If you have more than one color to sketch, uncheck all the boxes except the color that you want to sketch. Repeat for each color. Read this post for a more detailed sketch pen tutorial.
  6. After your design is done sketching, place the blade into the holder. Select the cut lines that you created and choose your material from the dropdown.
  7. Hit send and the Silhouette will cut around the gift tags.
  8. Remove the excess paper, thread some pretty bakers twine through the hole and attach to your gift.

The Silhouette machine that I used for this tutorial is the Silhouette Portrait. My machine only has one blade holder but the newer versions of the Cameo have 2 holders so you can place a blade in one and a sketch pen in the other, allowing you to cut and sketch simultaneously.

I listed cardstock and glue as optional in the supply list.  This is because the brown paper that I used was very flimsy like wrapping paper. So I cut out cardstock in the same shapes as my gift tags and applied it to the back of my tags with a glue stick to make the gift tags sturdier.

Christmas gift tags with Silhouette sketch pens

I absolutely adore how these gift tags turned out. I love the simple black lines on the brown paper and I love how the Silhouette sketch pens can create such intricate designs that I could never draw myself.  Pair these gift tags with some DIY wrapping paper and your gifts will look absolutely gorgeous! Try this tutorial out with different colors of paper and pens… think black, red or blue cardstock with a white pen, gold cardstock with a black pen… the possibilities are endless.



gift tags with Silhouette sketch pens

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