How to Use Silhouette Sketch Pens

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Learn how to use Silhouette Sketch Pens to create a fun Mother’s Day card!

I’m going to be honest…I was given Silhouette sketch pens for Christmas a LONG time ago and have just broken them out recently to use. They have been sitting there in my craft stash just begging to come out of the packaging so they can create something amazing. Well, today is the day. I’m going to show you how to use Silhouette sketch pens to make a fun hand-made card. I’m making a Mother’s Day card because that’s the next holiday coming up but you can make a card for any occasion. Ready? Let’s do this!

use silhouette sketch pens

The first thing you’ll need is Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. Sketch pens don’t work with the Basic edition. I’m using a Silhouette Portrait but the pens also work in Cameo and Curio. You’ll also need a cut file. The file that I am using is from LoveSVG but you can also find lots of cut files on So Fontsy. I also have a Mom Life cut file bundle in my shop that would be perfect for Mother’s Day.

    1. Download the file of your choice. 
    2. Open up your file in Silhouette Studio and resize it to the size of your card. I’m using premade cards from Avery sized 5.5X4.25 so I sized my area to 5.5X8.5 and centered my design on the bottom half of the area.
    3. Ungroup your design. This step is optional and only needed if you want to sketch a multi-colored design. If you want to use just one color, skip to step 8.
    4. Regroup your design according to how you want to sketch it. For example, after ungrouping, I grouped the leaves together, the text together and the hearts together. In total, I have 3 groups.
    5. Send your design to cut but instead of choosing ratchet blade, choose sketch pen. Once you do this, the “cut” options will change to “sketch” options. Set the leaves to “sketch” and the text and hearts to “no sketch”. Place the green sketch pen into the blade holder and hit “send”. This will sketch the leaves.

use silhouette sketch pens

    1. When the leaves are finished sketching, do not remove the paper from the Silhouette. Set the leaves group and text to “no-sketch” and the hearts to “sketch”. Change the sketch pen and repeat step 5.
    2. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for the lettering.
    3. If you are only sketching with one color, just insert the sketch pen, choose the sketch pen setting and hit “send”.

use silhouette sketch pens



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use silhouette sketch pens

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